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Uganda: Several Mosques and Islamic schools closed

By Godfrey Olukya
Posted on Monday, 30 March 2015 13:57

Over 30 Madrasas have been closed following the recovery of guns from Madrasas and the arrest of suspect terrorist recruiters, leading to the destruction of at least four mosques by non-Muslim villagers of the affected community.

How can mosques be used to train killers? And some Muslims say we should not touch them. I cannot be intimidated

Police said intelligence reports pointed to mosques and Madrasas, mostly in central and eastern regions, being used to recruit and train the terrorists.

They said seven suspects were rounded up in a mosque in the Nalukolongo city suburb at 4am while training youths.

The arrests of more than 40 suspected terrorists in different mosques in the past two months come after police mounted an operation seeking answers on the murder of senior Muslim clerics.

At least six senior Muslim clerics have been killed in the last six months in suspected extremist attacks.

Inspector general of police, General Kale Kayihura claimed that “places of worship were being misused”.

“Police have obtained information that mosques and Madrasas are used at night to train terrorists,” he said.

Refuting allegations that police are conducting witchhunt on Muslims, Kayihura said: “We are not targeting Muslims or their Madrasas and mosques.

“Intelligence information has led us to those places.

“So far we have smoked out four hard core criminals hiding in mosques and Madrasas and recovered three guns”.

But the spokesman for Uganda’s Muslim Supreme council, Hajji Abdul Nsereko Mutumba has condemned police for closing down over 30 Madrasas.

Mutumba argues that since the police have arrested the criminals, the schools should be re-opened.

“How can mosques be used to train killers? And some Muslims say we should not touch them. I cannot be intimidated,” Kayihura countered.

At least 20 suspected terrorists have been taken to court after having been arrested during the operation.

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