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The 10+ trials of Cameroon football head and star Samuel Eto’o

By Yves Plumey Bobo

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Posted on September 11, 2023 09:42

Samuel Eto’o in Paris on 25 March 2021. Vincent Fournier for JA
Samuel Eto’o in Paris on 25 March 2021. Vincent Fournier for JA

Since his election as head of the Cameroonian Football Federation (FECAFOOT), Samuel Eto’o has made a number of decisions sparking controversy.

Critics denounce his ‘authoritarian management’ of the national selection, but supporters view it more as a ‘cabal’ orchestrated by ‘men of neither faith nor law’, who are opposed to the Cameroonian legend’s desire to ‘restore football to all its greatness’.

In their eyes, former football star Eto’o has terminated the carousel of corruption that plagued the body during the reign of his predecessors. Those who are believed to have profited from the old system, lurking in the shadows, have since issued a ‘fatwa’ against the president, explained a source close to FECAFOOT.

Be that as it may, the controversies surrounding Eto’o affairs remain ever-present, with FECAFOOT recently opening an investigation following reports of alleged inappropriate behaviour. This latest legal development is the latest in a long line of cases that are hard to sort out. Here is a look at each case individually.

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