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Côte d’Ivoire: Newly-appointed PM Bakayoko’s government has minor ‘reshuffle’

By Baudelaire Mieu
Posted on Tuesday, 4 August 2020 14:09

President Alassane Ouattara and Hamed Bakayoko, 31 july 2020 © DR / Ivorian Presidency ivoirienne.

The Ivorian government underwent a minor shakeup on Monday (3 August), three days after Hamed Bakayoko was appointed as prime minister.

On 3 August, Alassane Ouattara carried out a minor cabinet reshuffle, the first impact of the appointment of his loyal companion Hamed Bakayoko to the post of prime minister on 30 July. He replaces Amadou Gon Coulibaly, who died on 8 July.

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Predictably, the president did not make any major changes to the government team, although he did promote certain members of his cabinet and several ministers.

Game of musical chairs

Patrick Achi, who had been secretary-general of the presidency prior to the reshuffle, was promoted to state minister – as reported earlier by The Africa Report on 20 July – thereby positioning him as the third highest-ranking government official. This highly strategic position will allow Achi to work closely with Bakayoko on all government affairs before they are taken up during cabinet meetings.

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Fidèle Sarassoro, chief of staff of the presidency, has also taken on the title of minister but will remain at the Office of the Presidency.

At cabinet minister level, Claude Isaac Dé is back to square one. After serving as minister to the prime minister in charge of major projects coordination, he has been appointed as deputy secretary-general of the presidency.

However, he will oversee the same department in his new role. During Ouattara’s first five-year presidential term, Dé was special adviser to the presidency in charge of economic infrastructure. He joined the cabinet in 2016.

In addition, ministers who had up until Monday been appointed to the Office of the Prime Minister, i.e., Moussa Sanogo, budget and state portfolio minister, and Emmanuel Essis, the minister in charge of the promotion of private investment, have become full-fledged ministers.