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South Africa: Ramaphosa parliamentary truce in tatters

Posted on Thursday, 20 November 2014 11:07

The motion has jeopardised a truce between the opposition and the ruling African National Congress (ANC) party that was reached following skirmishes in the National Assembly.

we remain committed to genuine and sincere partnerships to restore the integrity

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa and opposition parties had earlier this week agreed to work together peacefully after several clashes in parliament with the ANC.

However, the official opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) party on Wednesday tabled the motion against Zuma.

Ramahosa said the motion “had undermined multi-party efforts to resolve the situation in parliament”.

The DA said Zuma should be censured for failing to answer Members of Parliament’s questions four times a year in terms of the rules.

But the motion was dismissed after the ANC out voted the opposition and Zuma’s accused the DA of insincerity.

“The DA’s decision to proceed with the censure motion is inconsistent with the understanding reached in the meeting of party leaders in Tuynhuys and it goes to the heart of the need for the political solution the DA committed to during the meeting,” Ramaphosa said.

Earlier this week an urgent meeting was called, in a bid to ease tensions between the ruling ANC and the opposition parties.

Ramaphosa said the parties had agreed to set up a committee that would meet four times a year to deal with major issues affecting them in parliament.

DA leader in parliament Mmusi Miamane said Zuma “must be censured and (the motion) sends the clear message to the president that he must appear before parliament”.

The ANC said Miamane’s conduct “rendered agreement un-workable and null and void”.

“They consequently agreed that various parliamentary processes be held in abeyance pending the outcome of the multi-party engagement and the DA’s motion violates the spirit of this agreement” Ramaphosa said.

The parties had vowed to restore the integrity of the National Assembly following chaos during a sitting earlier this month.

“As the executive, we remain committed to genuine and sincere partnerships to restore the integrity, stature and effectiveness of parliament,” Ramaphosa said.

DA leader Helen Zille was on Thursday expected to lead a protest march outside parliament to voice her party’s concerns about Zuma’s failure to appear before parliament.

The National Assembly would be sitting for the last time this year on Thursday.

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