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Making life easy for new pay-TV platforms

Posted on Tuesday, 28 October 2014 12:41

It aims to serve a growing appetite for television content, selling both bundles of international channels and its own four branded channels to programme-hungry african TV platforms.

We hope that we will have deals with three more platforms by the end of the year

AMD, whose managing director lindsey Oliver worked for al Jazeera English, CNBC, and as international commercial director for Bloomberg TV, aims to provide low-cost programming primarily to new platforms.

It has hit the ground running, already penning agreements with consat and Montage in Nigeria and intelvision in the Seychelles.

AMD is in talks with other West african outlets.

“We hope that we will have deals with three more platforms by the end of the year,” Oliver says.

While the company’s initial focus is to provide content, it plans to broaden the business into consultancy work, helping new platforms to raise viewer numbers.

“What we are finding is that for a lot of these new platforms, they don’t have a lot of experience of launching a pay-TV platform,” she says.

“What AMD aims to do is take away a lot of the heavy lifting for them. But also, because we are B2B [business-to-business], we are not only supplying the content to the platforms that are growing up, but we are also helping the international channels who don’t have the time and resources to traverse the african continent finding new platforms and doing deals with them.” ●

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