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Behind the scenes: Uche Pedro

By Interview by Paola Audrey in Abidjan
Posted on Tuesday, 21 August 2018 15:19

What is the first thing you do in the morning before getting to work?

I pray. It’s important for me, as I believe that spiritual aspect sets the tone of my day. There are so many things beyond your control that can happen in a day, praying helps to keep your focus.

Do you have a special song that you listen to when you’re going through hard times?

Not really (laughs). But lately, I’ve been listening a lot to ‘Particula’ by Major Lazer. You know, that song had Jidenna, Patoranking and Ice Prince. The track puts me in a good mood. I’m also listening quite frequently to ‘FIA’ by Davido, one of my favourites at the moment.

How do you handle traffic in Lagos?

I’d like to think my superpower is patience. What else can you do? There are cars everywhere, in front and behind you. The traffic is slow, you’re stuck in your car. I’d rather cheer up, play some music, think about my next task or appointment.

Where did you go for your latest vacation?

I booked a trip eight months ago, but because BellaNaija had an event, I had to cancel it. It was so painful! With this being said, I’m in love with Africa so my next holidays will surely be on the continent. I’m thinking about visiting an island, maybe Zanzibar. I did a quick stop in Tanzania last year, and I was envious of the tourists who where continuing their trip to Zanzibar.

Where do you like to shop in Lagos?

That’s a tough question! I have so many friends and clients having wonderful stores. I’d say the best is going on #AsoEbiBella, select a style or two, go to the market to buy some fabrics and take it all to the tailor to get it done. South Africa and other countries the best binary options brokers reviews, reliable and regulated trading platforms

This article first appeared in the May 2018 print edition of The Africa Report magazine

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