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Uganda: Museveni warns DRC rebels

By Godfrey Olukya
Posted on Tuesday, 6 August 2013 10:43

Museveni was speaking on Monday at a public rally in the western Ugandan district of Bundibugyo, where the country shares a border with the DRC.

According to Ugandan authorities, Allied Democratic rebels (ADF), a rebel group based in the DRC, are planning to attack Uganda.

Museveni told reporters that he recently held talks with DRC President Kabila and representatives of the United Nations to discuss the unrest.

“I have told President Kabila and the UN that they should deal with these killers,” he said.

“We can’t have neighbours who are murderers. ADF killers are in Congo, if they dare to if they dare to attack Uganda they will suffer the consequences.”

Bundibugyo is home to thousands of Congolese refugees fleeing from the fighting inside DRC.

Museveni also urged Ugandans to continue welcoming Congolese refugees fleeing from the fighting.

“I urge Ugandans to look after our people fleeing the conflict in Congo. These are our people, the boundaries are foreign,” he said. “Slowly by slowly we shall bring Africa back together. An elephant always carries the weight of its tasks however heavy.”

ADF rebels recently attacked DRC army bases in the eastern parts of the country, forcing over 60,000 people to flee to Uganda.

Intelligence sources in Uganda claim that there are over two thousand ADF rebels already trained in guerrilla warfare.

Museveni said he was hopeful that with the support of the African Union (AU) forces, the DRC will tackle the rebel groups responsible for insecurity.

This is not the first time ADF rebels have launched violent attacks in the region.

The rebel group caused chaos in Uganda in the early 1990’s when they attacked districts in western parts of the country, killing several people in a bloody campaign.

But the group fled into the jungles of the DRC, after they were defeated by the Ugandan army.

The ADF rebels are not the only group planning attacks on neighbouring countries from inside the DRC.

Rwanda recently accused DRC of habouring Nterahamwe rebels, who it says are also planning to destabilize the country.

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