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Mali gears up for reunification

By Konye Obaji Ori
Posted on Wednesday, 19 June 2013 10:17

The Ouagadougou talks, under the mediation of Burkina Faso President Blaise Compaore, reported a breakthrough on Tuesday.

According to Malian politician Tiebile Drame, the representative of the Malian government at the talks, the rebel National Movement for the Liberation of the Azawad, or NMLA, agreed that Mali would exercise its sovereignty “over every centimetre of its territory”.

“The NMLA and the High Council for the Azawad have given everything for peace and so we accept this accord,” a spokesman for the NMLA, Moussa Ag Attaher said.

Based on the agreement reached, Malian military will move quickly into rebel occupied regions in the north, to regain control.

Both sides have called for an immediate ceasefire.

“I call on you to rise to the occasion and see to it that the components of this accord are applied correctly,” AP news agency quotes President Compaore as saying.

The return of Malian military to the north is expected to begin with a unit of gendarmes and police, followed by a progressive deployment of Mali’s military, in close collaboration with African Union and United Nations forces.

Uncertainty remains regarding the speed of the army’s deployment and whether or not rebels who committed atrocities during the separatist offensive would face trial.

Also, details of how the rebels would be disarmed, how and where they will be monitored, rehabilitated or tried remain to be unveiled.

A commission made of four members from the rebel group, four members from the Malian security forces and five members from international actors, including French, African and UN forces, is being assembled to oversee the change.

Mali’s Tuareg people, who consider northern Mali as their hereditary homeland, have long agitated for their own nation. If you did not know – in Kiev, a new sex shop with a huge range of toys for adults. Perfect choice of vibrators and dildos, anal plugs and falloprostheses, erotic linen and BDSM toys, all this you will find in the sex shop

After an unexpected coup in Mali’s capital Bamako in March of 2012, Tuareg rebels took advantage of the instability in the south to occupy major cities in the north, taking Kidal, Timbuktu and Gao in the seizure of what amounted to a France-sized territory.

Tuareg rebels have waged secession wars against Mali since the 1960s, and with national presidential elections scheduled for July 28, the agreement reached in Ouagadougou yesterday, appears to be a remarkable breakthrough in a deep-rooted ethno-political struggle.

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