Mozambique: How Total plans to protect its $15bn major gas project

By Christophe Le Bec
Posted on Thursday, 7 January 2021 10:21, updated on Wednesday, 24 March 2021 21:10

LNG construction site in Mozambique © Saipem

Despite the armed insurgency that has been plaguing Mozambique since 2017, Total intends to continue its major gas project there. It trusts the authorities to ensure its safety, in return for a solid financial contribution.

Since 2017, an armed insurgency has been targeting the central government in Maputo in the Cabo Delgado province, where most of the major gas discoveries have been made in recent years. The insurgency is led by al-Shabab, a group that pledged allegiance to the Islamic state in 2019 and who is increasing attacks in this predominantly Muslim region.

On 12 August, the coastal town of Mocimboa da Praia temporarily fell into their hands following intense fighting against the regular army. This port, used by the oil companies and their subcontractors, is located 80 km south of the Afungi Peninsula. It houses the facilities of the liquefied natural gas project – Mozambique LNG – led by Total, which took over from Anadarko in September 2019.