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Quiz: What happened in Africa in 2020?

By The Africa Report
Posted on Monday, 8 February 2021 11:47, updated on Wednesday, 17 February 2021 13:38

Ugandan presidential hopeful and political activist Bobi Wine. (AP Photo/Ronald Kabuubi)/NAI101/20009567930888//2001091652

Think you have had your finger on the pulse of African news? The first five people to answer all the questions correctly will receive a year’s subscription to our digital edition.

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  1. Which Tanzanian music star was jailed for a social media post?
  2. Which singer from the Democratic Republic of Congo was arrested for a song called ‘Ingratitude’?
  3. Ferraris, a Bentley, a Merc and a mansion in Johannesburg were part of the ‘loot’ in what South African graft scandal?
  4. The AU’s African Peer Review Mechanism is alleged to have ‘lost’ a $1m donation from which country, according to whistleblowers?
  5. Which airline continued to fly to China when all others on the continent stopped during the Covid crisis?
  6. Africa’s first Covid-19 case was recorded in which country?
  7. Which African Union member state is the only one not to have signed the AfCFTA treaty?
  8. Who was criticised for tweeting a picture of Robert Mugabe on Africa Day?
  9. Which African country began its sponsorship of the Paris Saint-Germain football team, having already sponsored Arsenal?
  10. A September tweet suggested this Nigerian business leader’s strategy is ‘Let Aliko [Dangote] use his head to break the coconut, then we follow.’ Who did it refer to?
  11. The ‘miracle’ Covid-19 cure promoted by Madagascar’s President Andry Rajoelina is based on which genus of plant?
  12. Once filled, what is the water capacity of the reservoir for the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam?
  13. Which president changed his name by adding a childhood name that loosely translates as ‘one who does not take advice’?
  14. How many African presidents changed the constitution to allow for a third term in 2020?
  15. And who are they? (Extra points for naming their countries)
  16. Which rapper has diversified his business interests to cover cryptocurrency and the construction of a futuristic African city?
  17. Name the head of an anti-­corruption agency who was suspended in 2020 pending an investigation into alleged corrupt practices.
  18. Name an African country that announced in 2020 that it would allow the cultivation of marijuana for medicinal purposes.
  19. Whose tweets on the US election parodied Western reporting on Africa: ‘Polls are set to open in 48 hours across the US as the authoritarian regime of Donald Trump attempts to consolidate its hold over the troubled, oil-rich, nuclear-armed, North American nation’ – helping many to laugh through the aftermath of the 4 November vote?

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20. Which ‘giant of African music’ died of the coronavirus in March?

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