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The 10 people you meet in Nigeria: N° 7 The Aristo

By Sugabelly
Posted on Monday, 5 November 2012 09:45

Luckily she knows how to use the assets she does have to reel in the rich and powerful.

Never one to let her lacklustre background get in the way, what she lacks in class and breeding, the Aristo makes up for in appearance and determination.

Wielding street smarts, a superstar tailor and enough borrowed clothes from roommates to start a small boutique, Aristos use their advanced forecasting powers to determine just which drunken s.o.b at the club is about to hit it big.

Single or taken, it makes no difference, the Aristo makes bold moves while the good girls look on.

Sit back and watch an Aristo extract a private jet from your husband.

HABITAT: Lagos universities, clubs and hotels on Lagos Island.

NOTABLE HABITS: No permanent boy- friend, no permanent identity – Aristos embellish their backstory as needed.

NATURAL ENEMIES: The Sisi Eko (many Aristos secretly aspire to become Sisi Ekos but lack the class and family connections) and the Ajepako Pastor.

RELATED TO: The Cash Madam and the Alhaji.

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