Morocco – US: Protectionism rising, as US company accuses OCP of unfair competition

By Estelle Maussion
Posted on Thursday, 11 February 2021 17:06

Mines of Boucraa, in the Sahara. © HOC / OCP

The Biden administration has confirmed that it wants to tax Moroccan fertiliser imports, but the pan-African giant OCP is still hoping to avoid the worst. Its rival, Mosaic, accuse the Moroccan company of selling subsidised fertiliser.

It is not yet the end, however the affair is nearing its end. The US Department of Commerce (USDC) issued its final ruling on 9 February in a crucial case for Moroccan phosphate giant OCP.

A double lawsuit

The USDC decided to impose a tax on Moroccan fertiliser imports into the US, ruling in favour of OCP’s US competitor, the Mosaic group. Mosaic, which accuses OCP of selling “subsidised” products, filed a double lawsuit before the USDC and the US International Trade Commission for unfair competition in June 2020.

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