Egypt’s Ahmed Tantawi: The last major opposition leader standing up to Sisi

By Stephanie al-Hakim
Posted on Saturday, 20 March 2021 02:12

Ahmed Tantawi is one of the last major opposition figures in Egypt not to be behind bars. Less than 10 days after losing his place in parliament, he won the presidency of the Dignity Party (Hezb el Karama) on 25 December 2020. In a political environment that continues to silence opposing voices, Tantawi and his party risk the same fate.

In a country that loves its political talk shows, Ahmed Tantawi is known to Egyptians who have regularly seen him on such programmes to discuss political reforms.

But having become increasingly critical of the regime, he is no longer invited to those shows, but instead is solicited by foreign media, such as the BBC and France 24.

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