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Nigeria: Ride-sharing service Shuttlers plans expansion to Abuja and Accra

By David Whitehouse
Posted on Monday, 8 March 2021 14:27

Lagos traffic. REUTERS/Akintunde Akinleye

Lagos-based ride-sharing service Shuttlers is seeking to raise $1.5m by the end of the second quarter to expand to cities such as Abuja and Accra, CEO Damilola Olokesusi tells The Africa Report.

The company is also planning to start running school buses in Lagos when the school year starts in September, adds Olokesusi. Shuttlers has run pilot school bus projects but implementation has been held up by Covid-19.

According to research from the Danne Institute in Lagos, eight million people struggle daily to move around in Lagos in five million vehicles on a tiny network of 9,204 roads. Households in Lagos on average spent 24% of their budget on transport, with the burden heaviest for low-income households, who spend 33%.