The long and short of post-Covid Africa

By The Africa Report
Posted on Monday, 8 March 2021 14:11

People queue for social grant payments at a post office in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, 13 Nov 2020. (AP Photo/Theo Jeptha)

What do experts say to bet on (hold a long position) and bet against (hold a short position) in the year ahead?


  • Hotel bars in Accra: The newly-minted AfCFTA secretariat in the Ghanaian capital will mean more high-level officials from the international bureaucracy – the delight of hotel bar owners;
  • Mercenaries: Conflicts in northern Mozambique and north-east Nigeria mean rich pickings for security professionals;
  • Cobalt miners: With the surging green-focused economy will come a surge of interest in cobalt from the DRC and Zambia.


  • The naira and kwanza: Oil-backed currencies are a hard sell with depressed prices globally at the best times, and Nigeria and Angola are not having the best of times;