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A new model, but no change of focus as we go behind a paywall

Nicholas Norbrook
By Nicholas Norbrook
Managing Editor of The Africa Report

Posted on Wednesday, 10 March 2021 12:56, updated on Thursday, 25 March 2021 15:50

The Hillbrow Tower, an iconic tower used to identify the Johannesburg skyline, is seen as the sun rises, in Johannesburg, South Africa, June 20, 2019. REUTERS/Siphiwe Sibeko

At the end of March The Africa Report will go behind a paywall to help fund new and better journalism.

Dear Readers,

It was, in the end, an easy decision to take. Survival brings clarity. To continue to bring you the best in African journalism we must ask you to pay for it.

So why trust us with your money?

Because staying informed is a sound investment. Because we believe you want to fund a business model that promotes truth, now more than ever. And because more accurate accounts of the continent will seed wider change.

Our basic principles: we think Africa is badly represented and poorly understood. We pay no heed to historical divisions and hierarchies. We believe that money and power are connected.

With hard-hitting investigations and innovative analysis, The Africa Report strives to deliver the expertise you need – be it unpicking the money trail of the Dos Santos family, uncovering the Russian weapons systems spirited out of Libya, or unpacking Nigeria’s 60th Independence Day celebrations.

Our award-winning team of correspondents and editors report from more than 40 African countries – from Cape Town to Cairo, from Abidjan to Abuja and Addis Ababa.

Our print edition continues. The end-of-year special – including 54 forward-looking country profiles – has established itself as a “must-read”; as was our ambition when we launched the very first edition in 2005. But the goal was always to launch a digital product that could be enjoyed wherever you had your phone.

Coronavirus has accelerated our plans, as it has for everyone.

We hope to welcome you onboard.

Understand Africa's tomorrow... today

We believe that Africa is poorly represented, and badly under-estimated. Beyond the vast opportunity manifest in African markets, we highlight people who make a difference; leaders turning the tide, youth driving change, and an indefatigable business community. That is what we believe will change the continent, and that is what we report on. With hard-hitting investigations, innovative analysis and deep dives into countries and sectors, The Africa Report delivers the insight you need.

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