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Beny Steinmetz: ‘George Soros is at war with me’

In depth
This article is part of the dossier: Beny Steinmetz: ‘Africa, Soros and me’

By Mathieu Olivier
Posted on Friday, 19 March 2021 11:04

george soros
George Soros, 29 May 2018, (AP Photo/Francois Mori, File)

Ensnared in, but also the instigator of a host of proceedings, Franco-Israeli tycoon Beny Steinmetz blames George Soros for every last one of his legal wranglings and is going after him head-on.

This is part 3 of a 4-part series.

Beny Steinmetz’s legal saga may be putting him through the ringer, but it has been a boon for his defence team and the corporate lawyers at Beny Steinmetz Group Resources (BSGR) – the company he advises but does not officially run.

Since 2013, Steinmetz and his eponymous company have been waging a series of legal battles in courtrooms the world over. While Guinea suspended its proceedings following an agreement reached between the Franco-Israeli businessman and Alpha Condé in 2019 (though BSGR has not formally signed off on the deal), Steinmetz’s legal fights continue elsewhere.

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On 22 January, the verdict was in: a Geneva court sentenced Beny Steinmetz to five years in prison for bribery in connection with the allocation of mining licences in Guinea’s Simandou region. The Franco-Israeli businessman was represented by the big-name Swiss lawyer Marc Bonnant.

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After being sentenced to five years in prison on a bribery conviction, Beny Steinmetz continues to wage a legal battle of global proportions. Who is this Franco-Israeli businessman who is on first name terms with the world’s most powerful leaders? The Africa Report had access to an exclusive interview with Steinmetz in Geneva.