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Film: The Pirate Tapes

By Oscar Rickett
Posted on Friday, 20 April 2012 15:04

The Pirate Tapes manages to go where no-one else has: right to the heart of the Somali pirate gangs that lord over Puntland. Canadian-Somali Mohamed Ashareh, son of respected Puntland politician Awad Ahmed Ashareh, heads to Somalia with a miniature camera tied round his neck, recording everything.

In Puntland, using his clan connections, he poses as the representative of a wealthy man who wants to buy into one of the pirate gangs. He provides invaluable insight into the way pirate gangs operate: from the involvement of investors from outside Somalia to the collusion of the Puntland government.

Shot in 2009, the film has seen its success hampered by a disagreement between Ashareh and the Canadian producers, Palmira PDC, but no other film has come as close to Puntland’s pirates. This year the documentary will be broadcast by HBO in the United States and by FX across Africa.

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