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Nigeria’s navy nervous about uptick in piracy and its impact on the country’s reputation

By David Whitehouse
Posted on Tuesday, 23 March 2021 18:42

A Nigerian Navy unit on patrol. Stefan Heunis/AFP via Getty Image

The Nigerian navy is bristling about reports on the the rise of piracy in the region. Maritime intelligence group Dryad Global has rejected claims by the Nigerian navy that its reporting of security and piracy in the Gulf of Guinea reflects a hidden agenda.

Reports on the rate of piracy in the gulf are a “deliberate ongoing effort to discourage maritime traffic as well as heighten freight and insurance cost” in the region, Suleman Dahun, commodore for chief of the naval staff, said in a statement on 26 February.

Dahun’s statement cited Dryad’s reporting of an incident involving the MV Odianosen vessel as an example of “alarmist” reporting. Nigerian media were told to beware of any “calculated attempt at tarnishing the image of the nation” as part of an “untoward maritime agenda”.