Fibre optic in DRC: Strive Masiyiwa’s group plans to deploy a 4000km network

By Stanis Bujakera Tshiamala, in Kinshasa
Posted on Friday, 26 March 2021 17:51, updated on Wednesday, 17 November 2021 10:52

Strive Masiyiwa © Ringo Chiu/ZUMA/REA

After laying 2,500 km of optical fibre in the western DRC, Liquid Intelligent Technologies, a subsidiary of the Zimbabwean group Econet Wireless, plans to deploy a new 4,000km network between the central-southern area and the east of the country.

Kinshasa, Kikwit, Kananga, Muanda, Mwene-Ditu, Kolwezi, Lubumbashi… What do all of these cities have in common? They now have access to the 2,500km fibre optic network laid by Liquid Intelligent Technologies (LIT) in the DRC.

This group, previously known as Liquid Telecom, is a subsidiary of the Zimbabwean group Econet Wireless, owned by Zimbabwean tycoon Strive Masiyiwa.

“Its new name confirms the strategic shift of the company, which has added IT and cybersecurity to telecommunications,” says its CEO Michel Hebert during a face-to-face meeting with the press in Kinshasa.