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Wikileaks and Stratfor: Sex, intrigue and a bit of vengeance

Khadija Sharife
By Khadija Sharife

Khadija Sharife is a correspondent for African Business magazine, among others, and a commissioning investigative editor at Forum for African Investigative Reporters (FAIR). Affiliations include researcher for the Environment Justice Trade and Liabilities (EJOLT) project at the Center for Civil Society (CCS) based in South Africa; researcher with the Tax Justice Network; Africa project fellow at the US-based World Policy Institute; assistant Africa editor of "Capitalism, Nature, Socialism", and author of Tax Us If You Can (Africa), among co-authored works. Her work has appeared in African Banker, New African, Al Jazeera, Forbes, BBC, Le Monde Diplomatique, The Economist, Harvard International Review, London Review of Books, and others.

Posted on Tuesday, 28 February 2012 10:39

It’s no secret that Wikileaks has begun a five million email dump disclosing intelligence reports exchanged between Texas-based “geopolitical analyst” firm Stratfor and its clients globally.

The firm’s clients range from governments (US Marines, US Defense Intelligence Agency etc) to multinationals (Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Coca Cola, etc) targeting civil society movements and NGOs, resources and the activities of emerging governments.

South African President Jacob Zuma, it has emerged, engaged with select US multinationals at a meeting organised by Stratfor-head, George Friedman in Texas. 

A myriad of issues, such as drilling for oil in the long and tragic mess that constitutes the Falkland Island’s history, the CIA links to the Ground Zero mosque, insider trading with Goldman Sachs through bizarre opaque schemes, to name but a few, are brought to light.

Some of the most interesting revelations highlighting how intelligence is obtained is seen in an email titled “continuation of insinuating Reva sleeps with sources”.

This leaked email from Friedman requesting analyst Reva Bhalla “to take control” of her Israeli source, through sex, financial, or psychological blackmail*, makes for extremely interesting reading. 

Notable below, in jest, is that Africa is too heavily infected with AIDS for Bhalla’s presumed strategies.

(17:09) Bayless Parsley: you have been the latam analyst for like twoseconds
(17:10) Bayless Parsley: how the fuck did you get all this
(17:10) Reva Bhalla: coffee
(17:10) Bayless Parsley: so that’s what they’re calling it these days, huh
(17:10) Reva Bhalla: haha
(17:10) Reva Bhalla: shut the hell up
(17:10) Bayless Parsley: amazing
(17:12) Bayless Parsley: it’s a good thing G doesn’t want you as the new africa analyst
(17:12) Bayless Parsley: risk of AIDS is too high
(17:12) Reva Bhalla: OMG
(17:12) Reva Bhalla: BAYLESS
(17:12) Reva Bhalla: FUCKING
(17:12) Reva Bhalla: PARSLEY
(17:12) Bayless Parsley: ????
(17:12) Bayless Parsley: i’m talking about if you have an open cut
(17:12) Bayless Parsley: and your source, also has an open cut
(17:12) Bayless Parsley: and you accidentally bump into him with open cuts!!
(17:13) Reva Bhalla: haha i hate you

*From Friedman’s email, dated 6 December 2011 to Bhalla on how to exploit an Israeli source for information on Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Wikileaks article => here

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