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Benin: Romuald Wadagni promises free schooling, access to water and jobs

By Matthieu Millecamps
Posted on Monday, 26 April 2021 12:26

Romuald Wadagni, in October 2018. © E.Ahounou/AID for Jeune Afrique

At 44, Romuald Wadagni is one of Benin’s youngest ministers. He has played a central role in President Patrice Talon’s team since the beginning of his term and has toured international markets in search of financing for the Programme d’Actions du Gouvernement.

The double shock of the Covid-19 crisis and Nigeria’s border closure have been major obstacles to overcome.

TAR: 2020 was an extremely rough year. How long will it take Benin to recover?

Romuald Wadagni: 2020 was difficult for the whole world, but it has also allowed our country to show its resilience. The pace of reforms has not slowed down at all. In 2016, we launched a number of investments to enable us to digitise and improve our revenue collection. These have borne fruit.