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Cameroon: Heirs of rich businessman Victor Fotso hit the courts

By Jeune Afrique

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Posted on May 6, 2021 19:07

Firefox_Screenshot_2021-05-06T08-04-39.670Z Victor Fotso © Victor Zebaze
Victor Fotso © Victor Zebaze

The legal dispute over the ownership of rich businessman Victor Fotso’s estate, which involves 146 heirs (25 wives and 121 children), has gone to court in Cameroon and France.

After the death of 94-year-old magnate Victor on 20 March 2020 at the American Hospital of Paris in Neuilly-sur-Seine, three camps were formed within his family.

One of the children, Yves-Michel Fotso, is on the offensive. The former boss of Fotso Group, who was sentenced to life imprisonment but evacuated to Morocco for health reasons, has obtained a mandate from 99 beneficiaries. He is asking the courts in Douala and Yaoundé to register judicial mortgages on all of property of the deceased bought by former international footballer Jérémie Njitap.

Real estate

The former captain of the national football team, Lions Indomptables, is the husband of Laure Njitap Toukam Fotso. He became the group’s administrator in 2011 after Yves-Michel – who had been entrusted with the estate following their father’s death – was imprisoned.

I am not in a position to express myself on business dealings which, whoever the protagonists may be and even if they are old, have a right to secrecy,” said Jérémie Njitap.

Yves-Michel and his supporters are pursuing legal action against his sister’s camp, in the hopes of shedding light into how the former football player and his relatives managed to acquire several of Victor’s properties in Douala and Yaounde through the property company SCI GHF.

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