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Ghana vs Serbia – Development Scorecard

Posted on Sunday, 13 June 2010 09:38

Serbia used to be one of the biggest arms exporters to Africa but is making efforts to control it, according to a development scorecard prepared by the Africa Progress Panel

for their ‘Scoring for Africa’ report.

Attempts on target

Security: Serbia used to be one of the biggest exporters of arms to countries in Africa, but since 2005 has

begun to apply stricter arms sales control. (Source: Associated Press Worldstream)

Investment: Over the last couple of years, both Ghana and Serbia have implemented a series of regulatory

reforms that have significantly improved their business and investment environments. Ghana actively

promotes investment opportunities for Serbian companies in a broad range of sectors such as cotton

and textile, agro-processing, floriculture, transport services, beauty products, property development and

electronics. (Source: World Bank Doing Good Business Report 2010)

Bilateral Relations: Serbia has inherited good relations with African countries from its Yugoslav days There

is however great potential for development of these ties. The planned visit of the Serbian President to

Ghana in late 2010 will be a good opportunity for both sides to renew cooperation. Both countries have

already signed a number of treaties and agreements, including a double taxation agreement. (Source:

Ghanaian Embassy Belgrade)

Scholarships: Building on Yugoslavia’s tradition of inviting students from allied countries to study at its

national universities, the Serbian government recently awarded five scholarships to students from Ghana

as part of its programme “World in Serbia – one hundred scholarships for the students from the nonaligned

movement countries”.


Illicit Trade: In spite of efforts to stop the trade of illicit arms, Serbia continues to be one of the main
sources of illicit arms transfers to Africa, including to Ghana. (Source: Matt Schroeder, Guy Lamb “The
illicit arms trade in Africa”)

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