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Cameroon’s ‘Covidgate’: IMF calls for audit of mismanaged Covid funds

By Omer Mbadi

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Posted on May 26, 2021 09:33

Firefox_Screenshot_2021-05-25T11-51-00.365Z © Paul Biya in October 2018. Sunday Alamba/AP/SIPA
Paul Biya in October 2018. Sunday Alamba/AP/SIPA

A report from Cameroon’s Audit Chamber of the Supreme Court reveals some irregularities over its handling of funds allocated for the Covid-19 crisis, but the IMF says it is not satisfied with those findings.

The summary of the chamber’s report – on the use of funds allocated for the management of the Covid-19 health crisis – cited some irregularities within the ministry of public health and the ministry of scientific research. The report was commissioned in March and has been circulating online since 19 May.

“This is not an audit, but rather an overview of only 30% of the XAF180bn (€274.4m) allocated to this special fund. Moreover, not all the ministries involved have been brought to the attention of this court,” says a local auditor.

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