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Belgium welcomes Tshisekedi’s efforts to fight corruption – Sophie Wilmès

By Olivier Caslin
Posted on Wednesday, 9 June 2021 10:59

New Belgian Foreign Minister Sophie Wilmes is sworn in by Belgian King Philippe at the Royal Palace in Brussels, Belgium October 1, 2020. Danny Gys/Pool via REUTERS

Seven months after her appointment as Belgian minister for foreign affairs, European affairs, foreign trade and federal cultural institutions, Sophie Wilmès spoke to us about the country’s three-pronged ‘Diplomacy, Development, Defence’ approach towards the African continent.

Wilmès previously served as prime minister of Belgium for a period of one year under a caretaker government. The 46-year-old leader, who is also the deputy prime minister, is settling into her new role. In the interview below, she speaks about the agenda that Belgium has set to strengthen relations with Africa.

You were appointed foreign minister a few months ago. What roadmap have you developed for Africa?

Sophie Wilmès: We are committed to our neighbour’s peaceful development. Our coalition agreement has identified two priority areas of attention for Belgium’s Africa policy: the Great Lakes region and the Sahel.