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Ethiopia set to announce election results in the midst of the Tigray conflict

With an expected result favouring Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in a parliamentary vote boycotted by leading opposition parties, including the Oromo ... Federalist Congress, there are complaints about how open and fair the elections were in Africa’s second-most populous country. But the vote still represents somewhat of an opening compared to the political repression under the former Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front alliance government.

Somalia: How GERD is steering Mogadishu into the crossfires of Egypt & Ethiopia

After meeting in the Qatari capital with foreign ministers from the 22 Arab League member states, a statement was issued on Tuesday 15 July in ... support of Egypt and Sudan regarding the controversial Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). This puts Somalia in a difficult position: it is member of the League, but it has also created a new military alliance with Ethiopia. Can Mogadishu wriggle its way out of this ‘water war’?