Kenya election 2022: How the Odinga and Kenyatta dynasties set aside their differences

The nuptials between the Kenyatta and Odinga clans ahead of this year's presidential election in Kenya took many aback. Political monogamy is ... not a common trait among Kenyan presidential contenders, but the alliance between outgoing President Uhuru Kenyatta and his longtime rival Raila Odinga seems to be holding. History plays a role. And the dynasties of Kenyatta and Odinga have that in abundance, dating back to the liberation struggle against British colonial rule more than seven decades ago.

John Kalunge Nguthari, a farmer, climbs a khat tree at his plantation in Maua near Meru

Kenya 2022: Raila and Ruto chew the khat, but can they win over Meru County?

For 20 years now, Meru County has aligned itself with the ruling regime, reaping benefits in government appointments and allocation of national ... resources. However, in the nine years of Uhuru Kenyatta’s presidency, residents of Meru have grown sceptical. They now find themselves at a crossroads: continue to align with Kenyatta or making a drastic shift -- as the rest of Mt. Kenya region has done. Which way will they jump?