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Somali legislators of the lower house of parliament raise their hands to vote to extend President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed's term for another two years to let the country prepare for direct elections, in Mogadishu

Somalia: Is Farmaajo’s term extension a power grab or the way forward to election reform?

Incumbent Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, also known as Farmaajo, continues to hold on to power even after his four year term officially ... ended on 8 February, 2021. A political stalemate pushed back elections and on 12 April, parliamentarians -- at the behest of the executive -- extended Farmajo’s term for another two years, further complicating the situation in the country.

‘Mali was built on a foundation that has neglected its true nature’ says Ousmane Sy

Six months after Mali began its political transition period, the former minister of territorial administration and local communities Ousmane ... Sy discusses why the country needs to radically change its form of governance if it hopes to dig itself out of crisis. At the top of his agenda? Passing institutional reforms, initiating an overhaul of the Constitution and doing a good job of running elections.