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Case study: Clean leap for Tunisian family firm expanding with private equity

Search the shelves of most North African supermarkets for a bag of nappies, a roll of toilet paper or a pack of sanitary towels and you will ... see the name Lilas, the brand of Tunisia's Sociéte d'Articles Hygiéniques (SAH). Founded in 1995 by wife and husband team Jalila Mezni and Mounir el Jaiez, SAH had captured 50% of the Tunisian market for hygiene products within two years and quickly began exporting to neighbouring countries.

Anansi: After Osama bin Laden, Islamist parties strengthened by Arab Spring?

Has the killing of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden weakened or strengthened Islamist parties in Africa and the Middle East? Certainly in Egypt, ... Tunisia, Morocco, Libya and Yemen they are on a roll this year, buoyed by the toppling of a couple of autocrats and the undermining of many more. Yet the demise of Osama bin Laden may help those Islamist parties assume a less threatening posture as they compete for power in elections.

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