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Nigeria, Tanzania, South Africa…Reformers who are pushing for open procurement in Africa

As part of a new series on procurement in Africa, together with Open Contracting Partnership, we have profiled some of the pioneers pushing open ... data and participation in public contracting. In this first part of a two-part series, we feature some of the key figures advocating for a more transparent and participatory procurement ecosystem in South Africa, Nigeria, and Tanzania.

Nigeria: What is Kaduna Governor Nasir el-Rufai planning for 2023?

Governor Nasir el-Rufai of Kaduna state in northwest Nigeria is one of the country’s most prominent politicians. He is a regular face in newspapers, ... usually with controversial comments on the core issues. This time, he is said to be determined to defend the interest of northern Nigeria, especially in relation to the 2023 presidential poll. But his close contacts tell The Africa Report that the governor has his undivided attention on Kaduna state, with no plans yet for the election... and that is he is a more national-minded politician than he is given credit for.

A woman walks past an advertising poster for MTN telecommunication company along a street in Lagos

Nigeria: MTN and Airtel furious at being locked out of mobile money market

After years of uncertainties, Nigeria's Central Bank finally gave the green light to mobile phone companies to offer mobile money services. However, ... the licence was issued to only two of the four biggest telecom operators in Nigeria - the domestic players, not the foreign-owned ones. The Africa Report has learnt that MTN and Airtel have been making tremendous efforts to get the regulator on their side, but to no avail. Why is the CBN keeping them out, and what is at stake for the players? What does this say about Nigeria as a destination for Foreign Direct Investment?