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Nigeria: Tinubu’s London home turns into Mecca for politicians

It has been over two months since ruling party chieftain Bola Tinubu left the shores of Nigeria for medical treatment in London. But while out ... of sight is usually out of mind for most politicians, this has not been the case for the former governor of Lagos State whose London home has become a magnet for Nigerian politicians. But one Lagos leader tells us that visits to Tinubu are being weaponised on these politicians' return to Nigeria; where they falsely claim Tinubu's backing for their own agendas.

Nigeria: How the freestyling hit ‘Bad Influence’ launched Omah Lay into stardom

Early last year, Nigeria’s Omah Lay (Stanley Omah Didia) posted a minute-long clip of an unreleased song on his Instagram. In the caption, ... he told his fans that if they got him 300 comments, he'd drop the full song. It was a bluff. In reality, all he had was that one-minute clip, which was actually just a freestyle he’d recorded and posted as filler because he hadn’t posted for a while. Little did he know that freestyle filler would grow to be a sensational hit of 2020.

Uche Secondus, the chairman of Atiku's People's Democratic Party (PDP), is seen at the Court of Appeal in Abuja

Nigeria 2023: Secondus, the ‘total chairman’ causing the PDP top brass sleepless nights 

Prince Uche Secondus returned at the helm of affairs as the national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Nigeria’s main opposition ... party, after a leadership tussle that nearly caused the party to implode. He was replaced in August after a court removed him as chairman, and returned after another ruled in his favour. But the court rulings are only one manifestation of the power play behind the scenes in the capital Abuja, as he claims some powerful individuals want him out of the way. Infighting is set to increase as the party organises new leadership elections in October.   

Nigeria: CBN may have a breather from its foreign exchange fix, but can it last?

As part of the IMF's $650bn SDR reserve allocation to member states to boost Covid-19-battered global economy, Nigeria is to receive $3.3bn later ... this month. The country is also to issue a $3-5bn Eurobond later this year. Analysts say these would give the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) the capacity to temporarily ensure FX liquidity and defend the Naira, considering the recent FX supply halt to moneychangers.
But is this the best use of the money?