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A Libyan soldier looks up at Mitiga Air Force base in Tripoli

US/China/France: Africa’s security woes complicated by foreign boots

As the Sahel security calculus is upended by the death of President Déby of Chad, and Boko Haram threaten Abuja, President Buhari is hoping ... for US help to quell the violence - even suggesting the US special command for Africa, AFRICOM, be located 'nearer the theatre [of conflict]'. Meanwhile, China's push to find a new port for its warships on Africa's western coast is ringing alarm bells in Washington, and Russia continues its greater military cooperation efforts on the continent. Is this going to spark a new strategic battle for Africa? Or can Africa nations push back?

Chad Crisis

Nigeria: Chad blowback will hurt fight against Boko Haram

More than a week after the death of President Idris Déby Itno, the rebels who killed the Chadian strongman are not relenting their fight as ... they continue to engage troops in the northern Kanem region, around 330km from Nigeria’s border communities. Experts are concerned about the growing political instability in Chad disrupting the Sahel security apparatus, with Nigeria among the hardest hit. But the Nigerian army tells The Africa Report not to worry, because it will 'fill the gap' left by the death of Déby in the regional security calculus.