In Depth

How will Nigeria navigate the pandemic

For Africa’s biggest oil-fired economy an abyss beckons. Nigeria may see its export revenues halved to $26bn this year, the consequence of an oil-price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia and a global recession triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. The depth of this economic crash is forcing policy changes, devaluing the naira and ending fuel subsidies, and the government is doubling down on its aim of boosting national production in agriculture and manufacturing. In this exclusive new series, correspondents from The Africa Report look at the prospects for remaking Nigeria’s economy and politics in the shadow of the pandemic.

Angola: on the trail of stolen billions

Angola's economy is in a state of fragility. Its tough economic restructuring programme at the beginning of the year focused on the sale of state-owned oil and diamond assets, reform of the national budget. The major hit it has taken from the coronavirus epidemic, has also weakened the country. But perhaps Angola would have weathered the storm better had over $100bn not been stolen from state coffers during the four decade presidency of José Eduardo dos Santos. In this five-part series, Patrick Smith and Zoe Eisenstein report on the campaign to find those stolen funds and how it is changing the politics and economy of Angola.