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Will Egypt find its way out of the pandemic?

Will Egypt find its way out of the pandemic?

Just as it gets back on its feet, Egypt takes another hit. Corruption, revolution, instability and now a pandemic. Its strongest sector that was beginning to climb back to pre-2011 levels was the first to go: tourism. The pyramids were built to withstand the test of time, but will Egypt weather this sand storm?


Egypt VS Coronavirus : Cotton’s never-ending roller coaster

There is no question on how important cotton is to Egypt’s textile industry: it contributes to around 3% of the country’s GDP, employs 2.25 million- one third of its industrial labour force - to meet its demand of 180 000 tons. But after years of trade wars between US and China, and now a global pandemic, the cotton industry in Egypt will need time to recover from its losses. In this fourth part of our series on the impact of COVID-19 on Egypt, we see how its prized 'white gold' will fare.