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To understand what is happening, and stay in contact with the news shaping the countries your care about, The Africa Report takes you on a deep dive into daily events, decodes the African business environment, and challenges established narratives.

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"After 15 years of award-winning journalism, we are widening our horizons with an all-new digital edition; bringing you the inside stories on top business and political developments in Africa. Join our community of premium readers, to get access to cutting-edge content, events, and to our veteran editorial team. Whether you are a digital start-up CEO, a banker, or briefing the boss, you will find the analysis and context you need."

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Nicholas Norbrook

Managing Editor of The Africa Report

Nicholas Norbrook is Managing Editor of The Africa Report, helping to set up the magazine in 2005. He has been a producer for Radio France International, and has lived and worked in West Africa. In 2011 he won the Diageo Business Reporting award for Journalist of the Year.

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