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DRC: Kamerhe loses his appeal and his party threatens to drop its alliance with Tshisekedi

Although his sentence was reduced, former cabinet director Vital Kamerhe has been found guilty of “misappropriation” of public funds. His ... party, the "Union pour la Nation Congolaise" (UNC), has denounced this “political trial” and threatened to “no longer participate in [state] institutions.” This could cause further upheaval within the ruling “Union Sacrée” alliance

Nigeria is at war. So why are so many generals potentially heading for retirement?

Nigeria is currently facing an asymmetrical war. There are battles against Islamist terrorists, bandits, militants, pirates and separatists, ... a situation which has placed the most populous African country as number three on the Institute for Economics and Peace's Global Terrorism Index. But policy and personnel changes mean that a large number of senior officials could be forced into retirement. With activists and analysts already sounding the alarm about the rise in insecurity, will those personnel changes have a major impact on how the country responds to these threats?