South Africa: Eskom’s slide from first-in-class to murderous dysfunction   

South Africa's electric utility company Eskom, once a powerhouse of the country, has declined dramatically as it suffers from recurring financial ... problems and corruption, leaving many of its customers in the dark. Yet more failed attempts to tackle the Eskom crisis could play a big part in collapsing the ANC vote when South Africa goes to the polls in 2024. So how did it come to this and what does history tell us about the steps needed for Africa’s largest economy to emerge from its electricity supply crisis – in order to exit what critics fear is Eskom’s death spiral?

Nigeria: The intricacies of Moody’s credit rating downgrade

When Nigeria got its first sovereign rating from Moody’s in November 2012, it cited ‘’strong economic resilience and strength, moderate ... event risk due to heightened security conditions in the north of the country’’. It came six years after both Fitch and Standard & Poor’s gave Africa’s largest economy its first sovereign rating following the banking recapitalisation and public finance reforms that succeeded the write-off of more than $20bn the country owed London and Paris group of creditors from the 1990s.