‘Despite the progress made in 30 years since the first COP’ climate justice is lagging

At COP27 there was a multitude of competing interests and voices that sought the world's attention. But one thing that became clear was the chorus ... of small and often vulnerable states demanding justice now and at scale to address their concerns and the challenges they face. Despite the progress we have made in the 30 years since the first COP in Rio, the crucial issue of climate justice remains off track.

Africa: Are colonial food systems to blame for leaving people vulnerable?

In the waning hours of the year’s biggest climate change conference – COP27 – we learned of a deal to create a loss and damage fund. This ... is essentially a source of finance to compensate poor countries for the pain they are incurring because of climate change. An often-cited example of such suffering is the ongoing drought in the Horn of Africa region, which has put some 22 million people at risk of severe hunger.