‘Small is beautiful’: China’s shrinking lending footprint in Africa

Move over Belt and Road Initiative. China’s overseas development finance footprint continues to dwindle in the post-pandemic era, according ... to a new study from the Global Development Policy Centre at Boston University. The trend has concrete ramifications for Africa, where China is banking on smaller projects while shifting its attention away from oil and gas in favour of the telecom, transport and power sectors.

Nigeria 2023: Obi and Atiku push to turn Lagos into swing state

Lagos represents the largest state in terms of votes... but historically has the lowest turnout. That is set to change as determined supporters ... of Peter Obi and Atiku Abubakar work to build their ground game. Will Lagos Godfather Bola Tinubu weather the storm? And will the PDP's national crisis be replicated in Lagos? Part two in our series of battleground states in Nigeria.