Zimbabwe – Zambia: Is Victoria Falls under threat from development projects?

Zimbabwe’s government is looking to gain $5bn in revenue from the tourism industry by 2025. To achieve this ambitious target, it has been approving ... investors who want to tap into different opportunities in touristic towns around the country, including infrastructure development, particularly in Victoria Falls. However, environmentalists have warned that these projects pose a danger to flora and fauna near the falls and along the mighty Zambezi River.

Kenya: Drought turns spotlight on human-wildlife conflict in the north

To the layperson’s eye, much of northern Kenya appears barren, proliferated by desiccated shrubs and the occasional struggling goat. However, ... it’s home to many ethnic groups, such as the Rendille, who tend to live in big clans and herd their livestock together, and the Turkana, who traditionally operate in small family units and are semi-nomadic peoples. Pastoralism is a common thread that unifies the residents in this region, but climate change is exacerbating an already extreme environment.